Well,  folks, here is the much anticipated update of our HAIR GROWTH–or should I say HAIR REGROWTH JOURNEY. It’s been just a little over a month and the pictures don’t lie, after years of balding–his hair IS now regrowing.  My neighbor did go to the barber and had his hair cut. I was not a happy camper, but he thinks it’s HIS hair, so what’s a body to do?  I am not typically opposed to hair trims and cuts, but right now, while we are using MSM FOR HAIR GROWTH, I feel he could forgo a few hair cuts and trims for a few months.

I must admit that his hair was NEAT looking, but of course, I liked it even if it was a bit disheveled looking. It was wild wonderful hair- newly grown healthy hair-my hair!  But, now that the deed has been done, we can only move forward. I have requested that he increase his intake of MSM, he has informed me that he is now taking 6,000 mg of MSM daily, in capsule and tablet form. He is still misting his hair daily with liquid MSM and using the oil infused MSM I provided him with–but honestly folks–I don’t think he does it every day.  I have continued to give him a treatment each week and he has consented to allow me to video tape a weekly treatment.

My neighbors progress is phenomenal. The barber asked him if he was using Rogaine! He told him that he was on an MSM (all natural/organic regimen) and the barber told him that he could see that his hair was INDEED filling in!  What else could he ask for.  My thinking is that if my neighbor keeps up this pace, his hair will be almost completely filled in by the end of the year.

Moving forward, I would like him to increase the MSM dosage to 8,000 to 10,000 mg per day. My plan would include starting at 8,000 mg of MSM July 1  and then moving up to 10,000 mg of MSM starting on August 1. I have even bumped up my intake of MSM to 8,000 mg (sometimes more) and have noticed that my hair is continuing to do well. I even had a mishap a few weeks ago and the damage was minuscule thanks to my MSM.

Before I close, I will share a bit of information that my neighbor shared with me.

1.  He can finally SEE a difference in the before and after pictures. (yes, he actually told me this–can you believe it! and yes, he DOES wear glasses)

2.  The hair is growing in with a different texture which MUST be directly related to taking MSM.

3.  He has waves in his hair without using chemicals.

4.  He didn’t think he could regrow his hair–particularly regrowing his hairline–but he is surprised, amazed and grateful that MSM IS REGROWING HIS HAIR SO RAPIDLY.

For those of you asking what WE use daily– here is the break down below. You can also check out the AMAZON MSM STORE  at MSM BENEFITS.NET

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