Now that we know most of the MSM Benefits, how much should we take to make sure we partake of said benefits? Good question!  We have an answer for you right here– and, it’s the dosage that most people take it to see results with little or no side effects.

Personally, I started with 1000mg the first day, then 2000 mg and now I take a minimum of 3,000 to 8.000 daily in various forms. (Liquid msm, msm capsules)

Check out this excerpt from an exceptional article I  enjoyed about MSM, I was amazed at all the new information I gleaned from this article:

Pure Health 

Why take MSM?

Because MSM is extraordinarily good for you and because most of it is lost during food processing.

MSMis a naturally occurring food and is visible as a pure white sulfur powder. It is what makes snow white. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables contain substantial amounts of MSM. During food preparation, we lose most of it because it is highly water soluble and goes up with the steam or is simply thrown out with the water. Heating, drying and, in general, over processing our food supply has drastically reduced the amount of MSM that we consume.

MSM plays a major role in the processes which create a vital healthy body. One may be allergic to the sulfa, sulfide and sulfate forms of the sulfur family. These are the ones used as components of drugs and preservatives. MSM is also in the sulfur family, however, it is a nutritional form of sulfur and most people can readily benefit from taking it on a regular basis.

Have you heard of DMSO? MSM has similar qualities minus the potent odor. Dr. Jacob found a way to oxidize DMSO, causing the MSM to crystallize out as a pure and stable compound. This makes it possible to store and use it as needed. Dr. Jacob’s breakthrough is allowing many people to take advantage of this wonderful food quality MSM sulphur.

We use MSM, vitamins, additional minerals and amino acids to create new healthy cells. As we mentioned above, to maintain good health we need healthy flexible cells. One way of viewing illness is that it is the result and consequence of a body deficient in some of the materials needed to repair damaged tissues and organs. In our opinion, we need to regularly eat the best foods we can find and supplement our diets with high quality bio-available (easy to absorb and utilize) vitamins, minerals and MSM. These elements provide our bodies with the necessary and proper building materials to renew ourselves and maintain our strength.

One of the oddest things about MSM is that it can help produce a solid base energy and at the same time it helps a person to be calm. Creativity increases. It seems to us that this is because MSM allows each cell in one’s body to “breathe” better; and energy, health and relaxation comprise our natural state. In this state we are more attuned to our surroundings and creativity flourishes.

MSM has been used in conjunction with a good quality diet to improve people’s and animal’s lives in a number of ways. People have used MSM with regards to the following:

Stiff and painful joints Back problems Clearer vision
Easier breathing Hearing Constipation
Itchy flaky skin Increased energy
and well being
Increased flexibility
Hair, skin and nail care Tendons, cartilage
Clearer thinking
Immune system Deeper breathing Scar tissue
Sugar levels Allergies Internal toxic conditions
Fatigue Pets – skin disorders Yeast infections
Nervous system Memory Acne/Rashes


MSM does not cure anything. Nutritional sulfur is simply an
essential raw material that one’s body uses to nourish and heal itself.

This information is provided for educational purposes only. None of the information that we provide is intended as medical advice nor is it meant to prescribe or replace the advice or attention of health care professionals.

Always consult your physician before beginning or making changes in your diet, supplements or exercise program, for diagnosis and treatment of illness and injuries, and for advice regarding medications.

Side Effects of MSM

We have come across a few people who do not seem to be able to take MSM at all or who are very sensitive to it. They have reported stomach upset, an acidic feeling, headaches and general upset. With most people, this is probably because they started taking too much for their system to handle without experiencing detoxification effects; and that amount cannot be gauged in milligrams. It is unique to and dependent on the individual. For these reasons, we suggest that you start out taking very small quantities and increase the amounts that you ingest slowly over a week or two or more. Our suggestions on how to begin taking MSM are detailed a few sections farther on under the title “MSM – How Much is Enough?”.

Positive effects:

 Strong luxurious fingernails, toenails, and hair. They also grow faster because MSM is an organic sulfur and you have more organic sulfur in your nails and hair than anywhere else in your body. Oh yes, another effect of taking MSM is healthy glowing skin.

MSM is completely water soluble. Your body will use what it needs and flush out whatever MSM it doesn’t need. If you want to build and maintain good healthy cells 24 hours a day, take a little MSM in the morning and afternoon. It is a free radical and foreign protein scavenger. MSM cleans the blood. Experience has shown that when taking MSM the effects from allergies to food and airborne pollen are reduced or eliminated within a relatively short period of time. Since my wife and I started taking it we have deeper energy reserves so that we can do just about whatever we want to do and still feel good in the evening.


Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and they are designed to work together to produce and maintain an intelligent healthy individual. Our bodies are built to last well over 100 years and to stay vibrant and intelligent for the vast majority of our lives. We do not need to become feeble in mind and body.

Millions of cells die and are replaced by new cells each day. There is a governing intelligence within us that oversees and directs every bodily function. If our body doesn’t receive proper nutrition and the building materials it needs, it will produce dysfunctional cells, deficient in some of the basic ingredients that constitute a healthy cell. If you want a strong flexible body, capable of maintaining good health and really living, then give yourself what you need to produce vibrant healthy cells. From one point of view, the sum total of 70 trillion healthy cells is one healthy human being. Your body can heal itself and keep itself well.

MSM, Vitamin C and Colostrum

MSM works in concert with vitamin C and protein so for the best results take MSM around mealtime with some vitamin C. MSM is quite alkaline and balances the acidic properties of ascorbic acid. In our experience, taking between 250 and 500 milligrams of vitamin C for every 1,000 milligrams of MSM (around mealtimes) brings the best results. MSM combines with vitamin C and protein to accomplish much of its work.

As for protein, you have your own eating habits, however, consider that our bodies are made of protein. The way many of us eat you might think that we are made of sugar. Eat well balanced meals containing high quality protein and minimize refined carbohydrates. You will feel better and better. Your body knows what it needs and it knows how to use it. Provide it with the correct raw materials, when it needs them and in sufficient amounts and it can heal itself. By the way, you can speed things along by doing some daily cross pattern exercises. Cross pattern movements are those where you rhythmically swing an opposing arm and leg. Moderate amounts of walking, light jogging and creeping around on your hands and knees (on a carpeted surface) are excellent forms for helping you condition your body. They are especially useful for tuning your nervous system and keeping your various parts in accord with each other. Add clear thinking to sound nutrition and proper exercise and you have a winning trio. Together they can form a sound basis for living a satisfying and useful life.

MSM – How Much is Enough?

1,000 milligrams = 1/4 teaspoon

In general, taking about 1,000 milligrams of MSM for every 30 to 50 pounds of body weight (preferably consumed in two servings over the course of the day) is a good amount. We suggest that you start out by taking no more than 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of MSM in the morning and evening with or just after a meal. If you find that you are feeling upset in any way, you might want to temporarily reduce the amount of MSM that you taking to well below 1/8 teaspoon. Give your body a chance to become used to the cleansing effects of MSM.

You may want to experiment with larger amounts over time, but start out slowly. MSM helps your body rid itself of stored toxins and if you proceed too quickly your may experience unpleasant side effects such as irritability or what is known as a liver headache. Such symptoms can indicate that your body is cleaning out so quickly that your kidneys, liver and lymph system are being overworked. If you find this occurring to you, reduce the amount of MSM that you are taking for a few days until your body has processed out more of its accumulated garbage. It will pass. Pun intended.

How do you know when you have found the right amount? That will take a little time. Simply pay close attention to how your feel and to your overall energy level. At any rate, life’s circumstances change as do our needs. When you are under stress you may find that temporarily increasing the MSM a little will help you over the rough sports.

MSM is somewhat bitter. We suggest mixing it with about 2 ounces of water and drinking it like the cowboys drink whiskey in the old westerns; just toss it down. Follow the MSM with a little fruit or vegetable juice. You can also mix MSM with any drink that you like such as cranberry juice, grapefruit juice or orange juice diluted 50/50 with water or simply take MSM capsules or tablets

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